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Advocacy and Partnership in Education

For families that are not fully initiated to the education system, it can feel like a quagmire of different educational lingo, policies and laws coupled with always dwindling resources. This sometimes can lead to gaps in meeting student needs despite best efforts on the part of all involved. If you feel like your student may not be having their needs met or are just curious about what may be available, I have three ways in which I help you become your child's Chief Advocate.

Personalized Coaching

I work directly with parents to help you learn to navigate the education system so your child’s needs are met. Families often waste time and energy trying to figure out how to do this. They often feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I help them feel confident that they are doing 2 critical things:

  1. Asking the right questions

  2. Knowing they are taking all the right steps to ensure they are get their kid’s needs met.


Parents hire me to help them navigate problems like these:

  • Overwhelm in meetings that are about the services the schools are supposed to provide

  • Knowing what schools “should” be doing

  • Understanding the "Alphabet Soup" of educational jargon

  • Articulating 504, IEP and other goals

  • Effectively Dealing with teachers 

  • Knowing what to ask for

  • Knowing when and how to be firm with schools or teachers


Work with me on an hourly basis to troubleshoot, gain information and problem solve issues in the educational setting or pick a program that works for you.


Cost : $125/hour,  $325 for package of 3 sessions or $500 for package of 5 Sessions*

*  Financial help may be available for those in need



Parent Led Program

This is my program for parents who just need some additional support and ideas for navigating the system themselves. This is essentially an “Intervention Consult”.

Part One

  • Family Interview/ Data review

  • Student Interview

  • Online teacher surveys/ data collection

  • Teacher conversations/ emails as requested by teacher


Part Two

  • I take all data collected and create suggestions ideas for possible programming and accommodations to family

    • I will suggest programming and accommodations that should be appropriate for any classroom or school setting at the appropriate grade level

  • Parents use this information as a tool to work with the school in developing a path forward for their child.

Cost: $350*  

*Financial help may be available for those in need




Coach/ Liaison Program

This program is designed for times when communication between school and home may be stuck or there is a feeling that the needs of a child are not being met and there needs to be a more intense effort to get everyone working together. This program also is ideal for situations where it is better for parent/ child connection and also family/ school connection for somebody else to take the lead in facilitating the collaborative process of meeting student needs.


The goal is to facilitate a process that will be collaborative in nature and address the various aspects of all involved with the student needs leading the way.


Sometimes, there needs to be a “rainmaker”, someone who can calm and cool things down when feelings are running hard and hot. I can be that person for the student, families and the school.


I can be the voice or “squeaky wheel” so that you can focus on your relationships. I can be a voice that schools may hear differently because I can speak their language


This program includes all that is in the Parent Led Program plus:

  • Expanded family and family interviews

  • Teacher/ other school support staff interviews (phone/ online/ in person)

  • Interviews and surveys with any other support family uses to support student (therapists, doctors, etc.)

  • I can handle some or all communications with the school as needed

  • I will conduct any research needed and/or work with district resources to ensure your students needs are being met.

  • Attend (in person or virtually) any meetings related to this process (504, IEP, other process meetings)

  • Monthly follow-ups with student, family and school for first 6 months and then quarterly for next 6 months.

  • I will handle and “tweaking” than needs to happen and the required messaging that would go along with that.

Cost: $1,850* 

*Financial help may be available for those in need

Families who use personalized coaching and then decide that they may wish to upgrade to the liaison program will pay a pro-rated fee based on the amount of time already spent working with the family. 

Possible add on of 1 on 1 counseling/ support for your child in the areas of:

  • self advocacy, self esteem, basic executive functioning, growth mindset


Cost: $100 per session as a part of the Coaching/ Liaison Program

Create Your Own Program

Just as your child and situation is unique, your program can be too! We can discuss your needs and create a program that will work for you and your family.


My Blog - Free articles and videos from the heart about these topics and more. 


Groups, classes and personalized family coaching/ counseling.


Advocacy - I help you become your child’s Chief Advocate in school or I act as a liaison between your family and the educational system


I am maintaining a list of articles  and other resources about a variety of related topics so that families can easily find what they need in one place.

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