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You need to know that you are not alone. By offering group sessions that speak to the issues you deal with, we create a sense of community while learning valuable lessons at the same time.


At other times, you may not be in a place to share with others but still need someone who gets it to listen and help unpack the events occurring in your world. Personalized coaching may be for you.


Perhaps, you are feeling solid, but know your child could use additional support and are unsure of the best way to access for them. 


No matter what your situation is, I have you supported.  We can find a plan that works for you and your family.

Personalized Coaching/ Counseling

Issues I specialize in:

  • Adoption Process/ Adoption Decisions

  • Trauma Behaviors

  • Medical Interventions/ Crisis

  • In the trenches/ Living It/ Life Balance

  • Navigating Education

  • For your child - Helping your child directly with self esteem, self advocacy, executive functioning, growth mindset and navigating school

$125/ hour or 3 sessions for $325 or 5 sessions for $500, sessions can be in person or virtual.


Support groups

 6 week long groups held online so that you do not have to add getting to yet one more thing to your list!

  • Weekly support group sessions (two times will be available each week to accommodate  scheduling)

  • 2 - 1 to 1 coaching sessions to problem solve most urgent topics you may be facing*

  • 2 time emergency anytime access*

  • Entry to a closed FaceBook group of other group members to further facilitate connection and support


Choose Between These Options:


$60 group only

*$250 with 1 to 1 coaching support and emergency access included (this over a  25%  savings on my regular coaching rates plus emergency access!)


Upcoming  Groups

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