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My name is Joelle and I am so happy you have joined us.


This site is for parents who…

  • Are just starting the adoption process and straddle the fine line of excitement and overwhelming fear.

  • Are deciding whether or not to accept a referral for a child with special needs you never imagined.

  • You are processing a diagnosis or event for a child already in your life.

  • Deal with trauma behaviors and are living in the throes of chaos.

  • Are living with the stress of constant medical interventions for your child.

  • Are trying to navigate an educational system that feels impossible to understand and as though it may not be helping your child.

  • Feel like they are about to go under and drag all those you love down with you.

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Maybe it is some of this, maybe it is all of this...maybe it is more.

The most important thing to know is that


To all of you, Welcome Home!

If I am being honest, never in a million years could I have planned for or imagined where we are right now. It is a crazy path with surreal elements which you can read about inOur Story”.


It has been a crazy ride that has changed life immensely and now, I want to share this unusual combination of academic and experiential knowledge with you.


I know that at various stages along the way, I really needed support and solid information. I needed someone who GOT IT. I needed a place to turn where I could learn, get support and know I was not alone. I have created this space to help others who are on this incredible journey as well.


You are not alone.

See below to learn how I can support you on this ride…


My Blog - Free articles and videos from the heart about these topics and more. 

I am also maintaining a list of articles and other resources about a variety of related topics so that families can easily find what they need in one place.


Groups, classes and personalized family coaching/ counseling.


I help you navigate the education system or I can act as a liaison between your family and school.


Information for educators about my continuing education course designed to help educators create adoption sensitive classrooms and schools as well as other resources that help teachers support students from adoptive backgrounds.


I can speak to your group or school about a variety of topics including supporting students with adoption histories, understanding trauma and more.

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