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For Educators

Something I have heard time and time again from families formed by adoption was that they wanted and needed resources for the teachers and schools their children worked with. The truth is, there are SO MANY resources out there and while most of them are very good, there is some less than ideal information out there. Figuring out what resources were best could take a lot of research and time. 

I also know first hand that educators may have the desire to dig for these resources or read them when presented to them by families AND I also know that there is little to no extra time to do this in the face of so many other demands.

From this reality, an idea was born! 

Continuing Education Course

I knew the need was great and I also wanted to honor the time of educators so I created, wrote and am the instructor for  a course entitled, "Creating Adoption Sensitive Classrooms." Educators can receive three graduate level credits with a certificate for 45 hours of professional development or get the certificate alone if that is all they need. This way, families hoping to share adoption related support materials have a resource they can take to the educators in their lives that will not just enhance the classroom for adoptees but will also honor their time spent in a very necessary and tangible way. 

Please click here to learn more about this course and feel free to share with any and all of the educators in your life!

Other Resources

With the course launched nationwide, I will soon be taking many of the resources shared in the course for credit/ certificate and create an e-resource that teachers can access to learn much of what was in the course but without the attached credit/ certificates. 

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