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Come Join Us

The Trauma Mamas (and Papas too...)

A place to find a listening ear, community and support.

Who This Is For

  • Parents of kids who may exhibit trauma behaviors as a result of international adoption, domestic adoption and/or medical intervention.

  • Parents who are feeling frustrated, exhausted, lonely in the fight . . .you name it . . . and just want to be with other folks who GET IT.

  • Parents who are craving a realtime support group but who have limits on ability to attend groups in person.

How This Will Help You

  • You will finally have a space where you can come and safely share with others in a controlled and confidential environment.

  • You will learn from others and most importantly, know that you are NOT ALONE.

  • You will have a place where you can just be you and not face the scrutiny of others regarding your parenting choices.

  • You will gain tips and strategies that you may be able to use with your own parenting style.


*Next group dates will be announced soon*

You can join any time! There will also be a private FaceBook support group available to all members of this group to access support and share anytime. 



Online! We have our own online home where we can be together real time. It is ideal because you do not need to leave the house and if things get real (and you know they will) and you need to meet the needs of your child or (gasp) yourself, you can easily pause the audio and video and come back to us when you are able.


  • Each week, I will act as host and facilitator. I will also send out quick videos or posts that will act as possible catalysts for our discussions.

  • This will operate much like any other support group where all members will be asked to comply with confidentiality agreements and all matters discussed will remain private.

  • We will also have a private Facebook group just for those who attend the group meetings. This will serve as a way to communicate outside of the planned meeting times and support each other all week long.


Click below to apply and let know you are interested in joining us. You will share some basic information with me and then I will then send you info and get the ball rolling for you to join our community!

Suggested Donation

This group is the first of several that I hope to host as a part of my work in supporting families raising kids who have had some hard beginnings. Because this is my first go at doing something like this, I am offering it as my gift to our community. Doing this work does take time, energy and resource so if you would like to make a donation, it would be quite welcome!





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